Securing your cyber presence as social interactions surge

Internally, your enterprise must allow communication and information to flow flawlessly. At the same time, you need to protect its presence in the cyber world by employing all the stops in the case of a cyber attack.

Aegis’ cyber solutions team will work closely and diligently with your team to decode, reassemble, recode — thinking both holistically and on a case-by-case basis — designing and defending your assets to the highest degree. Our own expert hackers will test all solutions using a model-based systems engineering approach. As with data and analytics solutions, we will provide analytics and risk management tactics for your cyber presence, administering the most stringent standards. Plus, we will train your staff how to detect and respond in case of a cyber attack, minimizing liability for your clients and company, while maintaining integrity.

Defensive Cyber Solutions

Cyber monitoring  |  Internal network defense design  |  Contingency planning |  Software code analysis & vulnerability management

Beyond monitoring and alerting, our defensive cyber solutions entail taking an agnostic approach to identify, design and integrate an internal network defense system that empowers your team to focus on business matters, knowing your assets are safe.

We will perform software code analysis, and employ automated account management and reporting components as part of our vulnerability management program. We will also help your staff prepare for the unexpected, through contingency planning, design, implementation and exercises, so that in the case of a cyber attack, all parties will encounter only minimal exposure. With relentless rigor, we will analyze potential intruder actions, acquire intelligence and mitigate threats to maintain your enterprise’s security and stability end-to-end, even through anticipated growth.

Ethical Hacking

Penetration testing  |  Physical security testing  |  Social engineering risk assessment

Simplicity is our goal, but never at the expense of stability, which is top priority. Our cyber experts will perform penetration testing of your external assets, as well as physical security testing, identifying the ability of an unauthorized individual to access sensitive information or make a malicious online attack. We will also conduct a social engineering risk assessment, collecting extensive data about your organization and employees, to help prevent a cyber attack.

Cyber Training

As part of preparation for a cyber attack and in support of annual cyber security awareness, every October we offer technology-based cyber training to your team. This training meets all regulatory and compliance standards and will be tailored to your industry so that your employees can fully integrate the suggested actions into their daily to-do lists, preserving customer service as a primary focus.

Cyber Analytics

Single pane of glass  |  Industry threat research  |  Information sharing organizations  |  Forensics

Our cyber solutions team takes a full circle approach to cyber analytics, while providing a single-pane-of-glass perspective, enabling us to more simply and clearly see any areas of exposure in your network. First, through industry threat research, we will gather detailed data about your business and what might inspire an attack. Then, as an information sharing organization, we will review the latest data and alerts within your industry-specific cyber environment. Lastly, using cyber forensics, we will keep your digital data secure in ways that enable early detection and crime prevention.

Cyber Risk Assessment/Management

Information assurance  |  Risk profiling

Through cyber analytics, we help you access and streamline data in ways that prevent attacks. Additionally, through DIACAP, a U.S. Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process, we will help your enterprise employ cyber risk management for all information systems (IS). Our information assurance services will provide details about online availability and use of your data, to help guarantee confidentiality and authenticity. We will also perform risk profiling of your company and key executives using the unified information security framework for the entire federal government, called Risk Management Framework (RMF), to protect that number-one asset — your people.

While building cyber solutions to stabilize your online presence, we will continually refine your data and analytic solutions to keep appropriate data flowing inside and out.