Increasing efficiency through simplified, state-of-the-art systems

Technology is advancing by the minute and customers’ demands are following closely. As your business grows to accommodate, your network can quickly morph into a web of patchworked solutions that compromise integrity. Instead, you need clarity, fluency and efficiency whether aiming to be cutting edge or to simply remain competitive.

Aegis is uniquely positioned to elegantly blend business with IT processes, whether you run a large, high-security operation or smaller enterprise with big ambitions. Even when working with technology, we prioritize people, study the parts as well as the whole, and protect your assets as we implement. We will challenge even the most complex system — replacing unsound remedies with forward-thinking, foolproof, elegant solutions — setting you up to make a positive impact over the long term. And … we’ll have fun doing it.

Agile Software Development

Full stack web development  |  Peer programming  |  Rapid prototyping  |  Service oriented architecture  |  Web API development

Building solutions from concept to fully functional technology is one area in which our unique three-tiered approach produces bottom-line-changing results. First, through Agile software development, we will divide and conquer while still collaborating to create solutions that work for your entire network and not just one department. Then, through full stack web development, enterprise integration orchestration, peer programming and test-driven development, we will implement solutions that achieve a service-oriented architecture (SOA) while preventing interruptions in your operations.

Throughout these processes and before going live, we will employ several measures to integrate technology solutions that optimize efficiency while minimizing risk. These measures will include static software scanning, vulnerability assessment, mitigation recommendations, rapid prototyping, enhancement and sustainment. Using our Web API development protocol, we will also make sure that your technology meets the demands of your growing base of mobile clients.

Cloud Business Solutions

Design & architecture  |  DevOps  |  Migrations  |  Hybrid solutions

Communication and collaboration are crucial to your enterprise’s success. That’s why we employ a DevOps approach, working with your teams to create a design and architecture that meets your objectives while keeping all departments in alignment. Whether the challenge requires migrations, on-premise applications, cloud solutions or hybrid solutions, we will delve in and work diligently to bring clarity to your infrastructure. As a Microsoft Azure Partner and Amazon Web Services Partner, we have access to all the tools you need.

Systems Architecture and Solutions

Lean business system implementation  |  Knowledge management solutioning  |  Technical debt resolution  |  Desktop and communications infrastructure design

Through lean business system implementation, we will design an elegant but advanced system that reduces costs, engages employees and meets customer expectations consistently, thereby increasing overall productivity. We will help resolve any past technical debt and avoid future debt. Our knowledge management experts will empower your team to turn your systems, applications and data architecture into competitive advantages your clients will embrace. Even your desktop and communications infrastructure design will reflect a modern simplicity.

Network and Storage Solutions

Network architecture  |  Routing  |  Network integration  |  Storage management

Our team of diverse thinkers will configure and implement a holistic framework that connects all of your collaborators and houses your valuable data simply and safely. While configuring network architecture, we will refine your communication network, as well as operations principles and procedures and selection of data formats. We will strategically integrate Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), routing and storage components — whether hardware or virtual — seamlessly into your network. Monitoring, alerting applications and our meticulous design of storage solutions will keep your entire network safe at all times.

Strategic Technology Solutions

System modernization  |  System portfolio analysis  |  Risk mitigation  |  Competitive technology analysis  |  Workforce skills development

Constantly accommodating your customers’ changing needs requires sound, strategic approaches that guide your growth as it relates to technology. Our three-tiered approach — applying functional knowledge, technical experience and economic assessment — will produce solutions that simplify while sharpening your competitive edge.

We will perform a systems portfolio analysis and a competitive technology analysis of your industry to determine next steps, and help implement the suggested system modernization and skill enhancements. Our expertise in strategic technology solutions and emphasis on making people a priority will enable faster organizational changes, financial trade-offs and risk mitigation — keeping you fiercely competitive and service-focused.

While streamlining technology for superior efficiency, and through collaboration, modeling and pure grit, we will create data and analytic solutions that provide full protection.