Drawing business insights and performance through data analytics

Your organization’s performance depends on making the right decisions in a timely manner. Data must be accessible, reliable, and timely. It must be transformed into information, knowledge, and insight in order to inform and enlighten.

Aegis’ team of thought leaders explore systems to fully understand the business context and drivers. We use modeling and simulation to virtually “break down and rebuild” as needed, to get to the core truth of the issues and turn what may seem like fragmented parts into a cohesive whole. Ultimately, your data and analytic systems will outperform your expectations and better serve the needs of your customers and community.

Business Planning

After getting input from all key stakeholders, we will help develop a unified roadmap and agreed-upon resource allocation to achieve your goals. This involves three steps. First, during strategic planning, we will align strategic interests, milestones, priorities and outcomes. Next, we will help you prepare for foreseeable changes and future events in ways that will reduce your exposure to risk through contingency planning. Then, through capital budgeting and programmatics, we will help you plan and prepare the investments needed to move responsibly forward along your new roadmap.

Business Intelligence

Operations management  |  Demand forecasting & accuracy assessment  |  Value chain performance assessment  |  Lifecycle cost analysis  |  Economic evaluation  |  Risk assessment

Through modeling & simulation, we will gather credible evidence to formulate insights before identifying the improvements and action steps needed to achieve your goals. This may involve the use of EXCEL, VBA, SQL, COGNOS or Tableau for statistical analysis of your operations management, demand forecasting and accuracy assessment. We will also complete thorough evaluations of all components — your value chain performance, lifecycle costs, economics and risk.

Geospatial Information Services

Using ESRI, we will map the business intelligence into a visual spatial context. Putting complicated statistics and information into a geospatial realm allows us to provide more accurate projections based on real human activity. The resulting clarity equips you to make more informed decisions, serving substantiated needs and behaviors.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Enterprise project portfolio management  |  Enterprise architecture  |  Agile project management

During this process, we will cultivate a service-oriented architecture that strengthens functionality and communications across all enterprise systems. This effort will involve designing or improving processes, integrating projects and making investments that bring fluency to your technical data exchanges. Because we will attack this challenge using our agile project management approach, you can be confident that your schedule, costs and performance will be kept on target along the way.

Master Data Management

Intelligent data integration  |  Data modeling and configuration  |  Data governance & compliance

Utilizing Infomatica for data modeling and configuration, we will seamlessly integrate and transform raw data into information that aids in predictive analysis and supports decision making for your enterprise. We will also help refine or impose protective measures to ensure data governance & compliance, which are critical to managing risk, thereby safeguarding the integrity of your company, and your clients.

Knowledge Management & Change Management

While implementing data and analytic solutions, it’s crucial to an enterprise’s integrity to rigorously manage the integration of your people, processes and technology. Just as we deem people our number one priority, we will make your people feel an ongoing sense of value and involvement with steady, thoughtful collaboration and communication via SharePoint and Intelink.

Supply Chain Assessment & Network Design

Sales & operations planning  |  Distribution network assessment  |  Supply chain risk management

Through world-renowned American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) programs, Aegis Strategies has earned these esteemed credentials: Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) and Supply Chain Operations Reference Professional (SCOR-P). After examining all internal and external factors involved, we will assess the distribution network, assist with sales and operations planning and minimize risk in the supply chain, assuring that all parts are in place and equipped to outperform expectations.